Y7 National Portrait Gallery Trip

Today, 30 Y7 students visited the National Portrait Gallery. They explored and enjoyed the vast portrait collections on display including work by contemporary artists such as Antony Gormley, Luc Tymons, Marlene Dumas, and Michael Craig Martin to mention but a few. During the visit, the students participated in drawing and investigation exercises inspired by the work they had seen. This trip was inspired by the current Y7 autumn visual arts curriculum which focuses on drawing and portraiture. The students enjoyed their experience and participated in discussions relating to the contrasts in styles of work they had seen. Aside from the learning, students also commented that the trip had given them the opportunity to make new friends. – Art really is amazing.

img_4572 img_4567

Collaborative Sculpture Year 7 Sci-Art

The year 7 Sci-Art students are currently exploring red blood cells. They have looked at the processes that red blood cells go through in order to transport oxygen.  From their studies the students have begun to document their findings through the means of a collaborative sculpture. Every student has worked extremely hard. They have shown great team work and ambition. Well done Year 7. Special thanks to our Intervention Assistants who have supported our students within these lessons.

Stage 1. Competition: which team can create the most cells?

image 1

Stage 2: A splash of colour

cell 2

Stage 3: We have a heart


To be continued…