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Courtauld Adventure



Tuesday 17th saw Welling’s first trip this academic year to the Courtauld. 22 of our Year 7 students who had been identified as making the most rapid progress went up to London for a full day of workshops.  They got the chance to get selfies with some of the iconic works housed in the collection (Meghan Goodeve our host had to keep saying, ‘Yes- they are the REAL ones! Yes, you can take a selfie with them!’) . They also had the unique chance to be given a talk in the ‘Bridget Riley: Learning from Seurat’ Show by Dr Kate Faulkner, one of the MA Lecturers at the Courtauld. Next came challenging  workshops with Artist Nadine Mahoney looking at colour and perception and the students showed their real visual skill and knowledge of colour theory reversing the colours in famous images.  They also startled quite a few gallery visitors by being allowed to draw in the galleries- another example of the Courtauld’s open and inclusive approach.  Members of the public came up to talk to me about the group and their insightful answers and exciting work.

After lunch we had the chance to do some watercolour painting and think about ‘Transcription’ as a process and how it might change the message.  A thought-provoking and fun day getting up close and personal with some of the 20th Centuries most influential artists and their work.  Our thanks to the fantastic Team at the Courtauld and as always to our amazing staff and students.


Jessica Ball Year 7 Reports of the 1st of the Courtauld Lecture Series

The entire experience was amazing.


On the 9th December 2014 around a dozen students were selected to come back after school to learn about the fascinating History of Art (for our Canon art class). The woman who taught us came from a prestigious university in London and she was very nice to us all. We learnt about all different types of decoration of famous artists’ homes and looked at some amazing artists’ artwork and it was worth going.


For the second part of the session we had to design our own house based on the ones we looked at in the first part of the session. In groups of 3 or 4 we all created a different style house and had a fantastic time doing it. We all enjoyed the activity a lot.


The entire session was fantastic and was extremely educational. On the whole it was a huge success.


Jessica Ball Year 7