V and A Project with Jamie Jenkinson

Year 10 Photography students have been taking part in workshops with the V and A’s digital artist in residence – Jamie Jenkinson, with the outcome being a series of films made by students that will be screened at the V and A on the 27th November.

During the workshops students have experimented with different filming techniques. Inspired by artist Tony Hill, students physically moved the camera to create images and later made drawings into films, inspired by artist Len Lye. Lastly, they explored the one-point perspective, as pioneered by Stanley Kubrick and used images of objects from the V & A collection to remake a scene from the film Dumb and Dumber.









The Big Draw 2015

IMG_5327IMG_5352This year over 500 students, parents, carers and staff at Welling School took part in the The Big Draw, throughout October.

Participants were given an incomplete image of an artist, which they were invited to complete through drawing. Everyone was given the same rule, which was to use three different black pens.

Art teachers Joseph Cartwright and Stacey Green also held workshops with Year 4 and 5 students from Barrington Primary School. This has since evolved into a longer term project that explores artists lives, which will be published as a book in December.


London Art Book Fair

Welling School was back for it’s forth year at the London Art Book Fair. This year we were selling copies of A Cookbook of Possibilities, a publication made by six form students and Hato Press, alongside the Party Pack activities for children and free copies of æ.

IMG_5230 IMG_5233 IMG_5236 IMG_5240


Hidden from History: Welling School Year 7 Students and the Courtauld Institute of Art


Hidden from History: Welling School Year 7 Students and the Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courtauld Institute of Art and Welling School worked together throughout the 2014-15 academic year. From Medieval saints to Paul Gauguin’s radical nudes, the students have explored the collection working with artists, academics, and designers. Ten students were selected from their peers to make zines, investigating the theme of gender in The Courtauld Gallery. The zines were printed by the students at The Common House in Bethnal Green, which is a collectively managed space for radical groups, projects and community events.

The zines will be inserted into the next issue of ae newpaper.


*curated book shelf of related texts.

The Reading List: Current projects

Sharing a selection of current readings for our ongoing outreach/collaborative projects…

Considering theoretical framing for the Concrete Poetry outreach workshops I am making links to ideas around Play and Social Practice.

Also taking time over the Easter break to contextualise the thoughts we have been exploring about gender in Canon Art History lessons, in anticipation of our further collaboration with the Courtauld Gallery. In the summer term Year 7 students will be working to create zines questioning the role of women in Art History, their question: Hidden from History? Discuss women’s role in The Courtauld Gallery and beyond.


The Postcard Show

Postcard Show Publicity

Welling School Students Amy Baldwin and Olivia Marsh are organising an event inspired by the Royal College of Art’s annual “Secret” postcard show.

Every year the Royal College of Art invites students and professional artists to donate an artwork for the “Secret” postcard show. Each participant is given a postcard to paint, draw or sketch onto. The identity of the artist remains unknown to the public until the postcard is bought. Previous artists have included Damien Hirst, Sir Quentin Blake, Yoko Ono, Grayson Perry and Paula Rego.

We are inviting students, teachers and alumni from our school as well as professional artists to participate.

The money we raise from The Postcard Show will fund equipment and travel costs for the students project in Uganda. Here, they will be teaching tag rugby to the local communities in Jinja and Entebbe and working on a community project in a school.

If you would like to participate and create an artwork for the show please email parrya@wellingschool-tkat.org or find her in P1.

Submissions by 16th March

Exhibition of postcards 23rd – 25th March

Raffle 25th March 6 – 8pm





Jessica Ball Year 7 Reports of the 1st of the Courtauld Lecture Series

The entire experience was amazing.


On the 9th December 2014 around a dozen students were selected to come back after school to learn about the fascinating History of Art (for our Canon art class). The woman who taught us came from a prestigious university in London and she was very nice to us all. We learnt about all different types of decoration of famous artists’ homes and looked at some amazing artists’ artwork and it was worth going.


For the second part of the session we had to design our own house based on the ones we looked at in the first part of the session. In groups of 3 or 4 we all created a different style house and had a fantastic time doing it. We all enjoyed the activity a lot.


The entire session was fantastic and was extremely educational. On the whole it was a huge success.


Jessica Ball Year 7