Hidden from History: Welling School Year 7 Students and the Courtauld Institute of Art


Hidden from History: Welling School Year 7 Students and the Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courtauld Institute of Art and Welling School worked together throughout the 2014-15 academic year. From Medieval saints to Paul Gauguin’s radical nudes, the students have explored the collection working with artists, academics, and designers. Ten students were selected from their peers to make zines, investigating the theme of gender in The Courtauld Gallery. The zines were printed by the students at The Common House in Bethnal Green, which is a collectively managed space for radical groups, projects and community events.

The zines will be inserted into the next issue of ae newpaper.


*curated book shelf of related texts.

Wordtent installation







Wordtent : an outreach project with students from Brampton Primary School now installed in the Berwick Road Gallery, Welling.

This tent has been on a journey. For the past two months travelling back and forth from Welling to Brampton Primary Academy. The tent has been a creative shelter in which our two schools have collaborated through making.

We play with words to produce concrete poetry exploring the link between the shapes of words and their meaning. Concrete poetry – sometimes also called ‘visual poetry’ – is poetry which visual appearance matches the topic of the poem. The words form shapes which illustrate the poem’s subject as a picture as well as through their literal meaning.

During the exhibition we encourage you to join in our play. Using acetate letters to project your own words into the space.



Hato Press Project with Welling School

Over a series of day long sessions, sixth form students from Welling School have been working with Hato Press to produce posters and a book to be published and sold at the London Art Book Fair. Taking ‘food’ as a starting point, students have worked to explore the theme through a myriad of interests and mediums. The posters will be shown as part of the exhibition Love Letter to Typography opening Wednesday 17th June, 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

hato1hato3 hato2The book was printed over the summer and is now available. Please contact Alex Parry for more details.