The Big Draw 2015

IMG_5327IMG_5352This year over 500 students, parents, carers and staff at Welling School took part in the The Big Draw, throughout October.

Participants were given an incomplete image of an artist, which they were invited to complete through drawing. Everyone was given the same rule, which was to use three different black pens.

Art teachers Joseph Cartwright and Stacey Green also held workshops with Year 4 and 5 students from Barrington Primary School. This has since evolved into a longer term project that explores artists lives, which will be published as a book in December.


London Art Book Fair

Welling School was back for it’s forth year at the London Art Book Fair. This year we were selling copies of A Cookbook of Possibilities, a publication made by six form students and Hato Press, alongside the Party Pack activities for children and free copies of æ.

IMG_5230 IMG_5233 IMG_5236 IMG_5240


Party Pack for Primary School children is published!

The party pack has been designed and produced by art teachers at Welling School as a resource for Primary School children. The pack has five activities, including references to some of the things we teach at Welling such as sci-art, our taught subject collaboration between science and art and Canon, a history of art course for Year 7 and 8 students. The pack also includes a badge and pencil! The pack will be given away for free to primary school children in and around Welling.


æ 7 published


We are excited to say that æ 7 is now published. This edition was based on the theme of gender and we had great contributions from staff, students as well as Griselda Pollock, Susan Coles, Jen Delos Reyes and an interview with Sarah Cole about the project TRIBE at Peckham Platform.

This edition includes a free zine created by year 7 students with Luisa Martello and the Courtauld Institute. The zine explores the representation of women in the Courtauld collection, using John Berger and Griselda Pollock texts to do so. The zines were printed on a riso printer by the students at the Common House – an activist space and resource in Bethnal Green.

When the newspaper was printed the students spent time putting the zine in the newspapers!


æ 7 has been distributed throughout the UK, in galleries and schools. We also put a few copies in a few shops and at a supermarket in Welling.