2 Pieces of Paper

image 2 bits of paper

Following on from ‘The Photocopy Show’ which was all about the democracy of the access to utilising the  xerographic process, the ‘Two Pieces of Paper’  show requires another strategy of engagement. Invention is the key word and as we know necessity is the mother of invention! Everyone has to follow the same rules and everyone  has access to exactly the same two images. The rules are:

Take one of each image

You may only rip/ cut/ fold/ glue each image together

Leave the completed image on the table

Remember Art is to enjoy!

As the work is created in the gallery we have seen the variety of diverse approaches to the creation of these collage works. The success of this project can already be seen in  the dialogue that is opened up between the various works and the visual and practical strategies of invention that have been employed in the creation of these images directly in relation to the confines of two pieces of paper.

Joseph Cartwright and Nicholas Lockyer