Word Tent /Concrete Poetry Outreach Project

word tent

This week we started Wordtent : an outreach project with students from  Brampton Primary School.

Over the next five weeks we will working together with students in a site specific Wordtent installation at the library space at Brampton.

We will  play with words to produce concrete poetry exploring the link between the shapes of words and their meaning. Concrete poetry – sometimes also called ‘visual poetry’ – is poetry which visual appearance matches the topic of the poem. The words form shapes which illustrate the poem’s subject as a picture as well as through their literal meaning.

These workshops will tie into the exhibition Love Letter to Typography taking place in the gallery space at Welling School from 24th April – 29th June. Love Letter to Typography is an exhibition about graphic design, printing and letter forms. Throughout April, May and June students from Welling School will be collaborating with designers Fraser Muggeridge and Hato Press.

The experimental text pieces produced by Year 5 students will also become part of the exhbition at Welling.

Follow the project as it develops on the Welling Visual Arts blog.