Easter Workshops – History is Now

During the Easter holidays a group of students from Year 10 visited the Hayward Gallery for the exhibition History is Now: 7 Artists Take on Britain.

As part of the day we had a tour from Mim  and a workshop exploring the curation of everyday objects, using objects from student’s bags.

The following day was a one day workshop at Welling School, in which we documented Welling School, in recognition that Welling, its built environment, us and the objects in the school are and will become part of history.

There were several tasks and workshops as part of the day including casting pieces of the built environment in the school, curating objects found around the school, individual tasks documenting various things throughout the course of the day, group portraits taken with a pinhole camera and documention of wildlife in Welling School. The recordings and documentation of the day was then buried in a time capsule in the school grounds.

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