Building an archive

15 students have been selected from Key Stage 3 to design and build an archive for the reception in the school. The archive will be the home place of art department publications and copies of ae, for visitors to enjoy. The project is in collaboration with architectural design and build wizards, co-db.

Students were chosen from a warm-up project with art teachers Ruth Taylor and Dean Ewen-Coulson, in which they were given a brief by co-db to design an archive in a supermarket for various collections of objects including inflatables, stuffed birds, and balls!

IMG_7098 IMG_7099 IMG_7101 IMG_7102 IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7107

James and Eva from co-db came in for one day to design the archive with the students. Students worked in groups to come up with ideas and now Eva and James have the large task of building all the best ideas together in one design! In the next workshop, we will construct and install the archive, and of course have a celebration!

IMG_7115 IMG_7125 IMG_7128 IMG_7162 IMG_7127 IMG_7130 IMG_7145 IMG_7161

Well done to the following students:

Lucy Cloud, Katie Jordan Frankie Wilkinson, Frank Watson, Alfie Parker, Sam Evans, Charnie Coleman, Shani Obinyan, Katie Ford, Dani Moore, Rosie Keen, Carla Dobbins, Anastasia Vkova, Rebecca Tibirna and Alicia Bolton.

Art Is…

Art Is…

Welling School were one of the contributors to the Freeland Foundation’s Art Is… event at Tate Modern on Saturday the 9th of April. Staff and students handed out hundreds of copies of the recently published æ 8. Darcy Hodge took to the soapbox to share her experiences of working as part of Press Gang on the newspaper. It was a brilliant event and a great speech. Well done Darcy!

Hot off the Press – ae8 is here

Get your copies of ae8. The issue is broadly about community and has fascinating contributions from Lauren Willis from The South London Gallery talking about The Shop of Possibilities, Trish Scott from The Turner Contemporary and artist Ed Webb-Ingall. Email Alex at for a copy.



Visit to ARTiculation Finals

Four Welling School students were selected to visit this year’s ARTiculation finals at Cambridge University. ARTiculation is a national award for students in which they deliver a ten minute presentation about a work of art, artefact or architecture of their choice. The selected students were Lay-la Pinnock, Emily Mills, Chloe Saville, and Amy Baldwin.

As part of the day students had a tour of Cambridge University. The photos below are by Chloe Saville and the text is by Amy Baldwin.

SUNP0193 SUNP0207 SUNP0210SUNP0230IMG_7201


Courtauld Workshop at Welling School

Last night we were pleased to welcome Katie Faulkner from The Courtauld Gallery. Katie gave a workshop, in which she spoke about 20th Century British Sculpture. This was followed by a practical workshop drawing the negative space around sculptures.

DSCN0283 DSCN0287 DSCN0279 DSCN0257


Trip to the Moon Project

IMG_6272 IMG_6303


The set of Trip to the Moon is being re-made in our gallery space. 10 year 7 students worked tirelessly over one day to make the set and we are hoping to finish it over the next week.

Trip to the Moon is a film made by Georges Méliès in 1902. The film captures a group of astronomers who travel to the moon via a canon.

The Year 12 Show

The Year 12 Show is up! The exhibition has been organised by Fine Art, Textiles, Photography and Graphics students from Year 12. Last night we celebrated with a Private View, which was well attended by students, school staff, parents and carers.

IMG_5992 IMG_6025 IMG_6005IMG_6013





Year 9 Student’s Cards

Year 9 art students have been part of a term long project to create cards. Students met twice a week during tutor time to work on their designs, which were finally sent off to be printed.

Well done to Leonie Richards, Emily Kilgannon, Natalie Chehal, Liberty King, Ellie Hodsden, Holly Bouchard, Lauren Fisher, Kayleigh Parker and Olivia Jones.

IMG_5978 IMG_5961 IMG_5956 IMG_5963 IMG_5958 IMG_5966 IMG_5959 IMG_5957 IMG_5974 IMG_5981



alTURNERtive Prize Announced!

Welling School’s alTURNERtive Prize was announced on Tuesday night during an evening event in the Berwick Road Gallery at Welling School. The winner was Kelly Loi for her original video installation. The Popular Prize, voted by Year 7 students was awarded to Habibat Alabi for her stunning self -portrait.

On the night we welcomed along artist Emma McNally who presented the awards. She commended the students for their exciting work, which displayed artistic maturity beyond their years. The award was judged by Deputy Head, Mr Pett, alongside art teacher Miss Taylor and Emily Druiff, who is curator of the art gallery Peckham Platform.

The alTURNERtive Prize is Welling School’s well established award, which is now in its fourteenth consecutive year. Every year 12 talented students are nominated to present their artwork. This year’s nominated students were Habibat Alabi, Chloe Clements, Luc Crossley, Shanie Frater, Khushi  Gurung, Edward Hanson, Nathan Hogben, Jasmine Lecomber, Kelly loi, Taylor Lyttleton, Maia Pavey and Cray Smith. Find out more about the nominees here …

Emma McNally Presenting Habibat Alabi IMG_5824 IMG_5862 IMG_5871- contrast IMG_7772 IMG_7776 IMG_7877 IMG_7906 Kelly Loi